About Us

PAW Rescue Manager is designed to manage all aspects of running a rescue or shelter. From managing the animals in your care, to promoting them and getting them rehomed.


How do you make money if it's free?
As long time animal rescue volunteers, our primary goal is to help the animals and rescues. To cover our running costs will we soon launch PAW Pro which will include additional premium features such as adding the animals to your own website. However, to support our smaller rescues we will ALWAYS have our PAW Free Tier with all the functionality listed on the homepage.
How do I get started?
You can get started by going to https://admin.pawrescuemanager.com/signup and putting in your rescue details. Once you're ready to go live just send us an email and we'll approve the account that day and mark it as live on third party advertising platforms such as Pet Adoption Website.
Can I use it if I'm not a registered charity?
Absolutely, just create your account and it will be reviewed by our team before being marked as live on the platform.
Does it integrate with Facebook?
Yes you can push animals automatically to Facebook, and it's designed to integrate fully with your existing rehoming processes through Facebook.
Have you an API so I can show my available dogs on my own website?
This is coming very soon! Get in touch now if it's of interest.

Our Mission

To put an end to puppy farming in Ireland by making adopt don't shop so simple that it is the default for anyone looking for a pet.

The Team

The team behind PAW are seasoned fosterers who saw first hand the burden the rescues were under. We created PAW to help the rescues, but also to help the public find the right animal in order to reduce the demand for puppy farms and breeders.

About the PAW Group

Pet Adoption Website is the public-facing side of the PAW group. We also provide a full solution for animal rescues to manage their animals and streamline their admin. For more information on Paw Rescue Manager visit: www.pawrescuemanager.com


Based in Belfast