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PAW Rescue Manager is a 3 in 1 end-to-end animal management tool, managing your animals, applications and advertising.

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3-in-1 end-to-end rescue management tool

Animal Management
Application Management

Centralised Admin Dashboard

One place to manage all past and present animals. Easily search for historical animal details as well as currently available animals and those pending. Images to easily distinguish each animal since we all reuse animal names!

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Beautiful Public Profiles

Public profiles are automatically created from animal details, including unlimited images, the animals personality details and any home requirements they have. It also includes any health issues they have and the public can apply to adopt the animal from that page.

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Easy sharing across Facebook

Profiles are designed to be easily shared on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media so that applications are directed to one place rather than being tortured by PMs, emails, and phone calls. The link will also automatically update with the animal’s status so the public will be clear which animal is still available without you having to update historical posts.

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Centralised Application Manager

All applications go into our application manager and are stored in one place. No more trying to field DMs, Emails and Phonecalls, Texts… Even when your post is shared far and wide on social media the applications will still come into one place and you’ll be notified each day of all the applications you’ve received.

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Customised Rescue Page

A Rescue Page is automatically created which updates itself based on the animals you have available for adoption. This is basically a website you don’t need to update, that you can link the public to so they can see who is available at any time. It will include a donation button to help with fundraising, and also includes animals needing foster homes, and those upcoming.

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Integrations with Advertising Platforms

Pet Rescue Manager automatically integrates with advertising platforms such as Pet Adoption Website and others which will vastly increase the reach beyond your existing follower base. Any applications from these third parties will come through the normal application route so is no additional admin burden.

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Free to use for rescues and shelters across Ireland

PAW Free
  • Unlimited animal management
  • Branded rescue page
  • Profile links to share on social media
  • Easy application management tool
  • Custom application fields
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